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Many ways to enrich a life

We all share the responsibility for looking after others and helping to build a better future.
Making provision in your will is one affordable and simple way to do that.
A bequest can help our residents and clients to live a more enriched life. For example, special pieces of furniture, outdoor settings and garden features help turn a care centre into a real home.
There are many ways to enrich a life. We listen to individuals so that we understand what makes life rich and meaningful to them. Then we do our best to provide it.
If there is something in particular you want us to do with your bequest, please mention this in your will. Or simply name Elderbloom Community Care Centres and we will ensure that your bequest is used to enrich the lives of our residents and clients in some way.
We invite you to join us in considering a bequest to Elderbloom, and help to create a better future for people living the second half of their life. You can be sure when you leave a bequest to us, it will be in good hands.

How to make a bequest

A bequest doesn’t need to be large: whatever you want to give, there’s an option to suit you.
You might consider naming a specific amount in your will, or a percentage of your total estate, or a percentage of what’s left over after you have taken care of loved ones. Alternatively, you might prefer to leave assets such as property or shares.
Whatever you decide, we recommend you take legal advice.

If you are leaving a bequest to Elderbloom, the correct entity to name is Shire of Wanneroo Aged Persons Homes Trust (Inc).
We will acknowledge your thoughtful contribution in a way that is suitable for you and your family. To find out more about how much your bequest could make a difference, please contact us on (08) 9306 3666 or email

Enriching lives

At Elderbloom we aim to enrich the lives of our elderly residents by providing the highest level of care based on equity, independence, quality, empowerment and financial viability.

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