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Frequently Asked Questions

Across our Elderbloom residential care facilities we offer a broad range of clinical and personal care services and have registered nurses on-site or on-call 24 hours a day.
Our staff are provided with ongoing internal and external clinical and personal care training and education, to ensure high quality resident-centred practice.

Dementia Care

Our attentive team at Elderbloom are trained and supported to care for people with dementia, ensuring comfort, nurturing reminiscences and brightening the day of our residents.
Our lifestyle team runs the very best activities programmes fostering friendships and interactions, and our interactive wall in the secure wing and robots harness the latest in technology to encourage further stimulation and entertainment.

Complex Clinical Care

Resident-centred care is prioritised at Elderbloom and complex clinical care is offered based on each resident’s assessed clinical needs and wishes

Palliative Care

At Elderbloom our clinical, care and therapy teams have the skills and knowledge to care for palliative residents without the need to transition to unfamiliar surroundings. This enables our residents to remain in comfortable, supportive and familiar care.
Elderbloom works in partnership with the Metropolitan Palliative Health Care Service providing advice and ongoing education and support for staff, residents and families with regard to palliative care and end of life options and services.

GP Support

While you are welcome to choose your own GP, Elderbloom can offer the services of a general practitioner to take on your care including support weekly from a visiting GP and Nurse Practitioner.

ACAT assessment

An ACAT assessment (aged care assessment) is an assessment organised by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT, and is required for a person who needs to be approved for Government-funded services including; a nursing home (aged care home), home care, residential aged care, transition care or respite care. An ACAT assessment is used to make a recommendation for the type and level of care that will best meet your needs.
Can access via GP or direct via myaged care

How to donate to Elderbloom

Please choose one of the options below. If you would like your donation to go to a specific centre or project, please mention this to us when you make your donation or enter as a description when using EFT.
All cheques must be made out to Elderbloom Community Care Centres. Donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.

A cash donation can be given to the Administration Assistant at any of our sites. They will also organise a receipt for you. Please do not post cash.

Direct transfer your donation to:
Bank: National Australia Bank Ltd.
Account Name: Elderbloom Community Care Centres
BSB: 086-492
Account Number: 52-799-3117
If you would like a receipt for your donation, please email with your details.

You can send a cheque made out to Elderbloom Community Care Centres to:
55 Belgrade Road
A receipt will be posted to you.

Enriching lives

At Elderbloom we aim to enrich the lives of our elderly residents by providing the highest level of care based on equity, independence, quality, empowerment and financial viability.

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